The story of Aimata Tahiti

Aimata was created in French Polynesia, on the main island: Tahiti. The name “Aimata” which means: “the eye-eater”, was born with the name of one of our family member, our great grand-mother. It is a common name also worn by our mama.

Furthermore, in the History of French Polynesia, Aimata was the name of the last Queen of Tahiti. Her reign was taking place during that time when she decided to start opening frontiers and
commercial terms with the modern world.

That is what the brand is all about: a mix of the modern and the tahitian local touch. Such as the French Polynesian and tahitian people is.

Known for its vibrant textiles, innovative local designs while being inspired by the Polynesian people and surroundings of the islands, Aimata Tahiti roots itself in a constant creation and innovation in the every­day island life. A whole renewal for the textile local trends.

Our DesignS

As declined, our designs are mostly inspired by nature. We are mostly using the same symetrical drawing technique as the tīfaifai ladies (vahine or “māma”) use to make the patterns of the «tifaifai».
This particular technique learned with the tifāifāi master, Rava Ray, with the mix of our local designer vision, makes our designs so special.


The choice of our tex­tiles is essential to our brand identity. We first decided to work with satin fabric because it gives the modern and glowy touch to our brand.

Also, we use rayon and creepy rayon fabrics for the ones who prefer to wear classic type of fabric.

Our wish is to please and make comfrotable the  most women we can in our special designs.


The colors are choosen wisely concerning the trends of the moment. Associating unexpected colors together to get the most vibrant color duos is what we love most.

Wearing Aimata makes you feel confident , sexy and comfortable just by putting on the simpliest attire.

Thinking, getting inspired, erasing, drawing again and again is a step-by-step journey in which we love every seconds of it.

Mauruuru for reading.